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#89 - Drawing From 3D Models

Here are some example 3d models you can find on the Practice Drawing This website.

#88 - Drawing Negative Space

Drawing negative space is about drawing what is outside objects, including the holes that let you see through them and into the background.

#87 - Artists: Why Not Practice Like Musicians?

Musicians practice through repetition, playing the same piece over and over until they own it and can play it the way they want.

#86 - Free Artistic Anatomy Reference

Art academies often prepared plates for students to practice from back then. It’s a great idea; students don’t have to scramble for references.

#85 - Wax On, Wax Off For Artists

My most popular posts on Pinterest are related to 3d form studies, and it is the most significant source of newsletter subscribers at the moment.

#84 - Artists Should Unlearn This Bad Habit

Do this in an aloof fashion. Don’t feel bad you made mistakes! They point you at something you can focus your attention on to improve.

#83 - Take A Step Back

We’d be painting or drawing with charcoal. And we’d be close to the paper or canvas. And the teacher would walk by behind you and say, “take a step back.”

#82 - And The Best Sketchbook Is...

Here’s a video where I demonstrate a really small drawing set you can have with you always. You can sketch, and create finished pieces with it, too!

#81 - More Drawing Workouts

In this article, I'd like to share two more drawing workouts! They are both fun and easy ones: drawing shapes from observation and memory.

#80 - Introducing Drawing Workouts!

I will keep it short this week: I am creating “Drawing Workouts,”; a series of short drawing exercises that go well together in sequence.

#79 - It Is Not Even A Marathon!

The thing with marathons is that they are exhausting! And your art creation process should involve daily sessions of joy, relaxation, meditation, reflection.

#78 - Let Me Sell You On Writing

Sketchbooks are good tools you can use to work through issues and ideas.

#77 - The BEST Drawing Exercise I Know, Number 1 (Gustave Dore)

I want to try out a new series of articles that takes you through the drawing-from-memory exercise I love so much.

#76 - Have I Got A Drawing Exercise For You!

Our brains are wired to see patterns. Look at clouds, and chances are you will start to see dogs and rabbits and faces in them.

#75 - On Elegant Art

Many big-name, prominent, huge European comics creators have yet to have an online presence. They have no website and no social media accounts.

#74 - Make It Impossibly Hard On Yourself

Playing on a field had become much easier because they had made it hard on themselves during practice, playing in a too-small space.

#73 - Practice Drawing Cylinders

I am focusing on drawing in my sketchbook and not showing the results to anyone, but I get a dopamine hit from sharing work, and creating these posts can be fun when there isn’t the pressure to post daily. I felt like sharing a drawing exercise again, so here goes.

#72 - What To Do With RUINED Sketchbooks

No more murderous online posting schedules. No more worrying if posting an image will get me into trouble one way or another.

#71 - Artists, Consolidate What You Learned!

What should you do otherwise instead? Look at the lessons you learned recently, open your sketchbook, and practice these.

#70 - Even Better Than Doing Form Studies!

As I’ve been harping on for a while now, drawing from memory is an incredible drawing exercise. One thing it does for you is that it improves your ability to eyeball things, design something on the fly, to “feel” when a line is right or wrong.

#69 - A FUN variation On Drawing From Memory!

You can vary many parameters, like the interval between memorizing and drawing—minutes, hours, or days? Or which materials to use—erasable pencil or pen? What to memorize, et cetera.

#68 - On Sketchbooks And Privacy

If you have posts dating back to 2016, do your friends still regularly look at them?

#67 - How Artists Can Visit Museums

Museums can be huge. And that’s great! But I can only really concentrate and take in new information for two hours or so.

#66 - Become A Better Artist By Reading Non-Art Related Non-Fiction Books?

I will give an example of something I learned from a non-fiction book, something that made me a better artist.
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