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(effective date of this Policy: April 11th, 2023)

Cookies are small pieces of information that practicedrawingthis.com may place on a computer or mobile device used to access the internet. This cookie can be used to recognize a return visitor.

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We don't do this unless we get permission from you.
practicedrawingthis.com does not use cookies unless the practicedrawingthis.com website visitor has consented to this Cookie Policy and our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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Generally, Internet browsers contain controls for managing cookies. These controls may enable you to delete cookies or to accept or reject certain categories of cookies. You should consult the "Help" section of your browser of your operating system for further information. You can also learn more about cookies by visiting http://www.allaboutcookies.org/

Changes to this Cookies Policy

If we make changes to this policy, we may need to ask you to accept these changes before you can continue using this website.
We may add, delete, or otherwise change the cookies we use at any time. EU Privacy regulations require that we obtain consent from you. If such changes involve collection of or use of information materially different from that described in our Cookies Policy or Privacy Policy, we will inform you accordingly and post a revised Privacy Policy and a revised Cookie Policy. All sessions will be closed, and you will be required to consent to the changes on next log-in, before being able to continue using the services provided by practicedrawingthis.com.

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