About Practice Drawing This

I am Ayal Pinkus and I created this website dedicated to art habits.

The idea for this website came about over the past years as I was thinking, “if I had to stop drawing for a while, how would I get back into drawing?” I had noticed that people who don’t make art for a while find it hard to get started again.

I figured that it would be useful to have a set of short and relatively easy fun art workouts that would get me started, improve my skills, and which would feel rewarding after finishing.

I draw almost every day, and I use them to warm up, or to work on improving one aspect of my art.

I put these workouts online for free, hoping you will find them useful also.

There is also a weekly newsletter where I share ideas related to drawing habits.

You can .

Please enjoy this site, choose an art workout, and pick up a pen and start drawing!