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Draw Circles And Ellipses

The Exercise

Draw circles and ellipses in any orientation, tracing over the circle or ellipse to improve it.

Vary the sizes of the circles and ellipses. You’ll notice that your arm moves differently if you do that. You will tend to do the smaller circles with your fingers, the larger ones with your wrist or elbow even maybe, or even your shoulder.

Try to draw from the shoulder or elbow as much as possible, for longer, confident strokes.

Feel free to hold a cup or glass in front of you to see what an ellipse or circle looks like.


This warm-up exercise can be done when you don’t have any inspiration. You can do this anywhere, anytime, without needing any reference. It improves your hand dexterity and improves your ability to draw circles and ellipses.

Grab a pen or pencil and some paper, and start drawing!

Hand that holds a sheet of paper and a pen, ready to start drawing.

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