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#94 - Drawing Is Not Writing And This Has Consequences For How You Should Hold Your Pen Or Pencil While Drawing

There are different ways you can hold pens and pencils!

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When we learn to write, we learn to hold our pen near the tip as it gives us precise control.

But drawing is not writing; drawing can benefit from holding a pen or pencil in other ways. Here are a few things to try:

1. Hold the pen farther from the tip and carefully lay down each line as if holding a brush. You can hold the pen or pencil closer to the tip later and carefully install lines as if painting, too.

2. Holding it near the tip can be useful when drawing in detail. Watch this video where Neil Adams gives valuable advice on how to hold a pen.

3. For pencils, you can also use the overhand grip, as Proko shows in this video here.

Try these until you get used to them; they will transform your drawing.

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