#88 - Drawing Negative Space

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Drawing negative space, a new drawing workout! You can find it by following the link below:
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Negative Space
Draw the space outside things to train your ability to see, to use as the basis for a drawing, and for fun.
Drawing negative space is about drawing what is outside objects, including the holes that let you see through them and into the background.

It is a good exercise for beginner artists to focus on the actual shapes they see. Your brain keeps trying to reduce things to symbols, and this is a good way to disable that and see the real shapes, copy them onto your page, and see the image re-emerge on your page.

It can be a good tool for drawing from memory also: first, memorize the negative space shapes, and as a second step, memorize the details inside and draw them too.

It is fun and useful to memorize a reference in steps, to draw and refine it repeatedly. Drawing the outside, the negative space of something, first, can be a good first step.

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Previous article: #87 - Artists: Why Not Practice Like Musicians?

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