And The Best Sketchbook Is...

Here’s a video where I demonstrate a really small drawing set you can have with you always. You can sketch, and create finished pieces with it, too!

Amazing Mini Travel Art Kit

YouTube - Amazing Mini Travel Art Kit

Working on large pages is fun. There is this huge, sprawling area which you can fill with drawings of any size, and you can expand a drawing if you want; there is space.

You get to use your elbow and shoulder for long confident lines.

When you go outside, it is a good idea to always have a sketchbook on you. The natural choice would be a big one so that you have large sheets to work on, like you can do at home.

However, large sketchbooks tend to be heavy. Paper is heavy. If you pack a bag with a large sketchbook, you will bring it along a few times and eventually leave it at home because it is so heavy.

And then you don't have a sketchbook on you.

The best sketchbook is, therefore ... (drumroll) ... the sketchbook you have on you! Otherwise you can't draw.

The video I included here demonstrates a really tiny set that is useful in many ways. I hope you check it out!

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Drawing Workouts
My drawing workouts are sequences of short exercises that go well together. They help you warm up, practice a fundamental, and end with some fun drawing and a beautiful sketchbook page to look back on.

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