#82 - And The Best Sketchbook Is...

Here’s a video where I demonstrate a really small drawing set you can have with you always. You can sketch, and create finished pieces with it, too!


Working on large pages is fun. There is this huge, sprawling area which you can fill with drawings of any size, and you can expand a drawing if you want; there is space.

You get to use your elbow and shoulder for long confident lines.

When you go outside, it is a good idea to always have a sketchbook on you. The natural choice would be a big one so that you have large sheets to work on, like you can do at home.

However, large sketchbooks tend to be heavy. Paper is heavy. If you pack a bag with a large sketchbook, you will bring it along a few times and eventually leave it at home because it is so heavy.

And then you don't have a sketchbook on you.

The best sketchbook is, therefore ... (drumroll) ... the sketchbook you have on you! Otherwise you can't draw.

The video I included here demonstrates a really tiny set that is useful in many ways. I hope you check it out!

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