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#80 - Drawing Workouts - Sequences Of Drawing Exercises That Go Well Together

Here are one drawing workout.

Warm-Up Drawing Exercises

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I will keep it short this week: I am creating “Drawing Workouts,”; a series of short drawing exercises that go well together in sequence.

Here is the first one!

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Beanie Manikins
This workout consists of a series of short drawing exercises that improve your hand dexterity, ability to draw circles and ellipses, cylinders, and human poses through a simplified manikin based on a beanie simplification of the human torso.

There is a composition to it. The drawing exercise I share today is one where you start with a warm-up, followed by fundamentals practice, and ending with some fun drawing. You’ll practice hand dexterity, drawing circles and ellipses, drawing cylinders, modeling the human torso, and end by drawing expressive and fun human poses.

This is still experimental and new. Please let me know what you think! Did you enjoy it? Were the timers too long, or too short? Did it work on your device? Was it a useful workout?

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