#51 - Artist, Compete With Me!

A while back, something incredible happened; The Inktober account on Instagram suddenly shared two of my posts. My account started growing like crazy after that, which was awesome! (By the way, I think that might still be one of the significant ways you become more visible, anywhere, is when a well-known name shares your work, but I digress.)

The thing is, he wasn’t necessarily sharing it because he thought my work was good. I mean, of course, it was good! But if you read the caption, what he was saying was, “Guys, look at this person sharing what they are learning along the way. You can do that, too!”

I don’t know if tutorials still work on Instagram nowadays, but it is helpful to create lessons and tutorials, to help others, and also to help yourself.

The nice thing about explaining something to someone else is that it forces you to verbalize what you know, and for some reason, that causes you to understand it better also. You help other artists, and you become a better artist at the same time!

My Favorite Drawing Exercises

As something to try, today, make a tutorial or an educational article where you explain something, even if only because you understand it better yourself afterward. Maybe even use it as an excuse to draw.

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