#31 - Question Your Assumptions

Practice Drawing With This App!

YouTube - Practice Drawing With This App!

In this video, I am using a free online tool that I created. It allows you to select a photo reference to practice drawing from, which is, of course, nothing new.

What is new is that you can see your drawing through the camera on your mobile with the reference image transparently overlaid over your drawing.

This camera view allows you to see where you deviated from the reference. You can freeze the image, save it, and then use it to “fix” your drawing.

You can try it out for yourself here:

Augmented Reality For Artists!

We all have opinions on things. Things that we believe that we know for sure.

Manga is not for me.

I’m not too fond of modern art.

Perspective Theory is difficult.

Other generations don’t get it.As a thought experiment, try to argue the opposite of what you believe to be true. Try to defend the opposite. Manga are for me because X. Modern art is the best invention ever because Y. I do not have to be on social media every day, because Z. I don’t have to draw every day, because A. Perspective Theory is easy peasy, it’s just B. Other generations can teach me C. Et cetera.

As an artist, it helps to be open-minded.

A cool trick I developed online is to ask questions when people have an opinion I find baffling. They will perhaps not convince me and I will not convince them, but it turns out that this can be highly enlightening. You discover the invisible assumptions they have that you don’t agree with and that underpin their opinions.

And ask yourself these questions too.

It’s not easy, but try to question your assumptions.


A great example, I think, of an assumption an army person made about the process of art creation was that creating art should feel like a battle. I wrote about it here: Art is NOT War!

I also wrote an article on why it is super-interesting to observe how people respond to your work. I wrote about that here: Testing Your Art?

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