Over the years, I have come to see drawing from memory exercises as the Swiss army knives of drawing exercises. You can practice almost anything this way!

Below are some short guides, explainers for the methods of practice I use. Also check out my weekly sessions for drawing practice. And don't forget to subscribe if you want to receive these weekly sessions in your mailbox!

Dexterity Warm-Ups

These are the various exercises I have found useful over the years for warming up and improving my dexterity in the process.

Form Studies

Form studies help you train to place things in arbitrary orientations in three-dimensional spaces.

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A Primer On Drawing From Memory Exercises

I found the drawing from memory exercises really are the Swiss army knife of drawing exercises. Read more about it in this short explainer.


Fun activities that exercise your creativity.

Various Habit-Related Tips

Some tips to help you get started and keep drawing.

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