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Repeatedly Draw The Same Thing With Pen

Draw only with pen, using reference, and keep drawing the same thing until it becomes easier.

Collect Inspiring Images

Go online and find art that truly inspires you. Collect the art in private folders to look at when you are not inspired to start drawing.

Find 2D Abstract Shapes

Find human poses, and find the abstract two-dimensional shapes in their figure.

Draw Organic Forms

Draw organic volumes. Draw cross-contour lines to describe their volumes.

Draw Eyes

Find photos of eyes, and draw them. Try to imagine the underlying volumes.

Draw From Observation

Find something you think looks beautiful - a human, location, object - and draw it carefully from observation.

Draw From Memory

Look at reference, put it away and draw from memory. Use reference to fix mistakes, and then do it again.

Draw Negative Spaces

Draw the space *around* an object. Take objects with interesting negative spaces, like chairs and tables.

Draw Small Thumbnail Design Sketches

Draw small design sketches before you spend a lot of time making something.

Draw Textures With Pen

Draw one-inch rectangles, and try to come up with creative textures to fill them with.

Cartoonify Faces

Draw cartoon or comic variations of faces.

Draw Animal Poses

Draw poses of animals in motion.

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