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Sketches To Tight Drawings

Take a sketch and draw a tighter version of it over it, using lightbox or tracing paper.

Turn Thumbnails Into Big Sketches

Sketch a thumbnail design much bigger. Draw it as big as you want the final finished piece.

World Building - Design

In your sketchbook, make design sketches of what an area might look like.

World Building - Research

Look for reference photos for the location, or go there and take photos.

World Building - Ideate

Write down everything you can think of about a location. How is that space used, and by whom? How old is it? Where in the world is it?

Design a Character

In your sketchbook, let character designs audition for a part in your work.

Do Research For a Character Design

Look for reference photos for your character: faces, body types, outfits, typical poses, et cetera.

Ideate a Character Design

Write down everything you can think of about the character: their looks, age, gender, personality, friends and family, history, quirks, et cetera.

Draw Small Thumbnail Design Sketches

Draw small design sketches before you spend a lot of time making something.

Draw Textures With Pen

Draw one-inch rectangles, and try to come up with creative textures to fill them with.

Cartoonify Faces

Draw cartoon or comic variations of faces.

Draw Faces in Any Orientation

Draw folded sheets of paper in any orientation, then draw facial features on them.

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