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Draw Reilly Rhythms

Draw the Reilly rhythms of the head.

Draw Upside-Down

Draw a photo upside-down.

Draw Folds

Drape cloth over something, and watch and draw how it folds.

Draw Skulls

Find photos of or a model of a skull and draw skulls from many angles.

Understand Volumes

Find photos of humans or objects, and draw over these photos. Imagine and construct the underlying volumes.

Draw From Line To Line

Draw two parallel lines, and draw lines between them starting exactly on one line and ending exactly on the other line.

Frankensteining Reference

Find reference of a pose, and reference of a dressed person, and pose that person in that pose: combine two reference photos and turn it into something new.

Draw Faster And Faster

Spend 10 minutes drawing something from reference. Then 5. Then 2. Then 1. Then 30 seconds. Become better and better at simplifying it.

Thumbnail Existing Works

Look at and copy paintings or movie still frames as quick thumbnails. Try to understand why their design works.

Rotate One Box

Rotate one box in space.

Rotate Cylinders

Draw cylinders rotated in space.

Draw Ribbons

Draw ribbons that fold through space.

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