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Practice Drawing Lines to Dots

(today’s exercise)

Practice drawing lines at different angles - without rotating the page.

Focal Points

Create a sketch with a strong focal point.

Study Human Proportions

Study proportion choices for the human body.

Draw Without Looking At Your Page

Draw without looking at the page, to capture the essence of the thing you are drawing.

Convex Lines Suggest Flesh

Draw human anatomy, but use only convex lines for the outline.

Straight Versus Curved Lines

On a model pose, observe the opposing straight and curved lines.

Automatic Drawing : Draw Without Thinking

Do not think of anything, and start drawing as a meditation.

Draw Beans To Practice Posing Head, Chest And Hips

Draw poses, start with positioning the head, chest and hip.


Create rhythms in your work.

Composition Rhythm Lines

Create rhythm lines, then create a composition.

Industrial Design

Design a consumer product.

Draw With One Single Line

Draw something with one single line.

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