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Practice Drawing This

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Practice Drawing Lines to Dots

If you draw lines at different angles, you will notice that you are naturally better at placing lines in a certain direction. You can always rotate the page, but with this exercise, you become better at drawing a straight line from any angle and you won't need to break your concentration rotating the page so often.

Practice Drawing Circles And Ellipses

Draw Circles and ellipses in any orientation, tracing over the circle or ellipse to improve it. Feel free to hold a cup or glass in front of you to see what an ellipse or circle looks like.

Practice Drawing Boxes

Draw perspective-correct boxes in many orientations. Put primitive volumes like spheres, cones or cylinders inside these boxes. Create objects by augmenting these primitive volumes with detail.

Practice Tracing Lines

Lightly place a curved line on a sheet of paper. Rehearse the line, tracing over it with the pen in the air, hovering over the paper, and when you feel you have the movement right, commit the line to paper over the original line.

Practice Gesture Drawing

Gesture drawing is a great warm-up, and it is a way to create dynamic poses. Find reference photos of people in action or dynamic poses, and make lots of quick sketches. Try to exaggerate the poses.

Practice Drawing Hand Manikins

Practice simplifying the hand into boxes and cylinders.

Practice Drawing Hands

You always have a hand with you to use for reference! You can draw the hand you're not drawing with.

Practice Drawing Animal Poses

Look up photo reference of animals in motion, and draw the pose while trying to understand the underlying volumes, its anatomy.

Practice Drawing Faces in Any Direction

Draw folded sheets of paper in any orientation, then draw facial features on them.

Practice Cartoonifying Faces

Find photos with well-lit faces, in newspapers, magazines, or online, and cartoonify them. Look for the large shapes.

Practice Drawing Textures With Pen

Draw one-inch rectangles, and try to come up with creative textures to fill them with.

Practice Drawing Small Thumbnail Design Sketches

Draw small design sketches before you spend a lot of time making something.

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