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A Drawing Game!

This website offers a small game that helps you keep a daily drawing habit.

But First: The Icons At The Top

1 — the number before this icon tells you how many days ago you drew last. Zero means you drew today. One means you drew last yesterday. Etcetera.

20 — the number before this icon tells you how many days you have drawn until the last time you drew.

15 — the number before this icon tells you how many game credits you have left. Each time you finish drawing an exercise, you get between one and seven credits. If you miss a day, you lose one credit.

The Game

This website has 72 drawing exercises and rotates through them to present you with a new drawing exercise every day.

When you finish an exercise, you can press the

I’m done!

button. This will record how many days you drew without interruption, your uninterrupted streak. You should be greeted with a calender like this one that shows all days crossed out since you started drawing.

In addition, you can get zero, one, two or seven credits. Each day you miss, you lose one credit.

When you start the game, you automatically get three credits.

The odds are balanced such that you need to, on average, draw two times a week to keep the streak going.

How many days can you continue drawing without breaking the chain?

How To Do These Exercises

“Cheat” mode

There is no point to actually cheating, because you'd only be cheating yourself!

However, if you find yourself going to another browser, you would have to start from scratch. This could achieve the opposite of the intent: it would demotivate you.

Therefore, I decided to add the input method below. It allows you to start with several credits and a streak of several days in a new browser, so that you can take your score with you to a new device:


It is important to notice that the “I’m done!” drawing streak is recorded in the local, private storage of your browser.

Your credits are stored in the private localstorage of your browser also. This information is not sent to the server.

This is why you don't have to create an account, or log in. It also means you have to always click the button from the same browser, because the streak is stored inside the private storage of that browser on that device.

This also means you don't have to accept cookies in order to play this drawing game. But if you enable cookies, it greatly helps me improve this drawing game.


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