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FREE Comics Course!

Below is a mini-course in making short comics. Follow these ten assignments at your own pace, and make a short comic!

Below are the first six chapters od this course. They are finished, and should help you write a script for your story, ready to be drawn as a comic.

Soon, I will finish the chapters on how to actually draw your comic.

Lesson 1: The Story

Write a short story in prose form.

Lesson 2: Good Story

Create a strong protagonist who drives the story.

Lesson 3: Story Structure

Put the story in a strong three-act structure.

Lesson 4: Story Theme

Figure out the theme of the story.

Lesson 5: Story Length

Break down the story into panels.

Lesson 6: The Script

Partition the story into pages.

Lesson 7: Thumbnails

Design the pages.

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