#190 - The Pen You Use DOES Matter

Students who see great pen drawings will exasperate the artist by asking what pen they used. The response will usually be that the pen doesn’t matter and that a great artist can create a great drawing even with a stick in the sand.

This is true to some degree. The fact that you’re drawing is more important than which pen you use. You get better at drawing if you draw a lot with any pen you find comfortable.

The truth is, all things being equal, the pen does matter for the result. I discovered thin pen lines and good ink flow work well for me. A Pigma Micron 005 is perfect for me: ultra-thin line and excellent ink flow, cheap and good for drawing on the go, but they may not be for you.

(Fortunately for me, many other pens have a thin line and good ink flow.)

Buy different pens, and experiment, find out what works best for you.

Finding out what effects you can achieve with different pens is drawing practice, too.

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