What Artists Can Learn From Dating AppsLong ago, I read an article where someone wrote about interesting research they had done. They studied the popularity statistics of women on dating sites. I can’t find the article anymore. Such is the internet.

They saw in the statistics that there were two types of distributions.

One, you had traditionally beautiful women who got relatively good scores from almost everyone.

And secondly, some women were ‘unconventionally’ beautiful. They would have groups of people give them relatively lower scores, but also people who gave extremely high scores on their beauty.

The researcher looked at women with approximately the same average score; for some women, everyone gave them a ‘nice’ score. Still, for other women, there would be people who said, “Nah,” and people who were utterly mesmerized by their beauty, utterly in love with their looks.

What can you take away from this as an artist?

This holds for your art, too!

Everyone can see the beauty of realistic art, which can be stunning and pleasing.

And as soon as you deviate from realism, it becomes a matter of taste. And some people will not like it as much, and some will utterly adore and be in love with it.

When I look at the art that I fell in love with, it tends to be in a drawing style with something quirky about it but beautiful in an unconventional way.

Drawing from observation is a vital skill for artists to develop. But it doesn’t have to form finished pieces.

I’m not advocating ‘finding your style.’ You already have a style, and it’s how you naturally draw if you don’t try to copy a reference image slavishly. And it’s that style that people can fall in love with and become life-long fans.

My Favorite Drawing Exercises

If you feel like drawing, then check out my favorite drawing exercises!

Do these exercises

form studies to warm up, slow down, get into the right meditative state, and improve your draftsmanship skills.

Do these form studies

form studies to help you improve creating underdrawings, place things in space, practice doing perspective by sight.

Practice drawing from memory to fill your visual bank, ability to memorize, ability to visualize, ability to draw what you see in your imagination and your ability to see what is wrong with your drawings.

If you find it hard to create or maintain a creative habit, you can find some habit-related tips here. Lastly, also make sure you have fun in your sketchbook after the hard practice!

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