Draw It Again And AgainMarshall Vandruff said that Heinrich Kley drew the same things directly in ink several times. I guess we only get to see the ones that came out best.

I recently looked through a book with art by Hokusai, and lo and behold! I noticed certain drawings had been drawn by him repeatedly. I believe he also drew directly in ink but with a brush.

They drew the same thing repeatedly, directly in ink, from memory.

As artists, we tend to take some reference or model and draw it once from observation. But I find a lot of value in trying the same drawing several times!

I will attempt the drawing and notice that I feel the drawing is off because the eyes or corners of mouths are not positioned correctly, or maybe the shape of the head is wrong.

I will notice that certain things, like facial features, need to be drawn accurately, but it is better to let loose on hair, garments, and such and suggest material and texture through hatching built from loosely placed lines.

I may also discover that some part of a drawing is challenging to get precisely right. Feet are often that. And then, I do another version of the drawing where I go in search of ways to simplify and idealize.

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My Favorite Drawing Exercises

If you feel like drawing, then check out my favorite drawing exercises!

Do these exercises

form studies to warm up, slow down, get into the right meditative state, and improve your draftsmanship skills.

Do these form studies

form studies to help you improve creating underdrawings, place things in space, practice doing perspective by sight.

Practice drawing from memory to fill your visual bank, ability to memorize, ability to visualize, ability to draw what you see in your imagination and your ability to see what is wrong with your drawings.

If you find it hard to create or maintain a creative habit, you can find some habit-related tips here. Lastly, also make sure you have fun in your sketchbook after the hard practice!

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