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Long ago, I worked at a software company where they had aggressive, ambitious product plannings.

They would end-of-life a version of a product and then ramp up production of the new version. The company made a lot of money every day. The thing about that was that you couldn't miss even a day. Each day you miss revenue, you will never get that back. So if I was one day late at delivering the software, the company lost a lot of money.

There was a strong case for meeting the ambitious deadlines. A lot of money was on the line.

And I prided myself on hitting deadlines. To the point where fellow programmers made Dilbert cartoons about me shipping a new version with an essential feature not working, but I delivered on time!

And I was known for not coding too neatly. I could code neatly if necessary, but I thought I was doing the right thing. I was meeting the deadline, after all, and that made the company a lot of money.

The thing about that is that people appreciate that you hit a deadline, but a half-hour later, everyone has already all but forgotten about the deadline, and all that is left is the quality of the result. And that is all they see from that point. And that is what you will be known for.

They say that as a freelancer, you can be Good, Fast, or Nice-To-Work-With and that, to be successful, you should have at least two of those. I think you should let go of Fast. Be Good, be Nice-To-Work-With. Of course, it’s okay to be fast, but don’t let it ever take precedence over quality.

My Favorite Drawing Exercises

If you feel like drawing, then check out my favorite drawing exercises!

Do these exercises

form studies to warm up, slow down, get into the right meditative state, and improve your draftsmanship skills.

Do these form studies

form studies to help you improve creating underdrawings, place things in space, practice doing perspective by sight.

Practice drawing from memory to fill your visual bank, ability to memorize, ability to visualize, ability to draw what you see in your imagination and your ability to see what is wrong with your drawings.

If you find it hard to create or maintain a creative habit, you can find some habit-related tips here. Lastly, also make sure you have fun in your sketchbook after the hard practice!

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