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Lesson 4: Story Theme

or this assignment, we are going to discuss storyLoading... themes. Themes are the thing your storyLoading... wants to say. Preferably, it is about a character and the lesson they need to learn. Often, the theme can be expressed as _____(some character flaw) leads to _________(some inevitable result).

For example, a theme could be “Arrogance leads to your demise.”

Should you start with the theme? No! Tell the storyLoading..., then let the theme organically manifest itself.

Why find the theme of the storyLoading...? Because if you know what it is the storyLoading... is trying to say, you can weave that theme in even more!

You can have different characters representing the theme's various aspects; the theme then plays out as the characters engage each other.

You can have one side character practically state the theme early on, for example.

For this assignment, try to find the theme of your storyLoading... and figure out ways to fortify that theme by coming up with additional elements you think will help suggest and hint at the theme.

I will do this course along with you, and here is my storyLoading... theme.

For my storyLoading..., the theme is “Crime doesn't pay,” or “Life as a criminal leads to your arrest.”

Jack represents the law, and Linda represents crime.

Ways I can fortify the theme would include:1) Jack paying for his drinks quickly before leaving the establishment, as he isn't a criminal.

2) Military personnel strolling the airport halls for security, representing the law, and the idea that crime doesn't pay.

3) A television in the background in the bar could be about a high-profile arrest.

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