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Should I Draw Digitally, or With Traditional Materials?

For the longest time, I just KNEW I was a traditional-materials person. I always thought the tactile feel of pen on paper would always be far superior to drawing with a digital stylus, where there was a small distance between the tip of the pen, and the computer also often lagged behind. It just didn’t feel the same, it didn’t feel real.

And then I tried ProCreate, and that just completely changed my opinion on digital. ProCreate is fun to draw with, as the interface is designed to stay out of your way. The tactile experience is great, you can zoom in and out and use undo, try things on separate layers, actually erase ink in a hon-messy way. you can work FAST, and the result is already in a digital form. Perfect for making things for clients. I was sold.

Traditional materials also still very much have their uses. I love filling sketchbook pages with ideas. I love not being near a computer while I draw. I love having an “original”, a piece of paper with the art on it. I love being able to work really large so I can draw from the shoulder or elbow.

For me, constantly switching materials also keeps things fresh, and it prevents me from ending in an artistic rut.

Use both traditional and digital for drawing, and switch between them as I like.

You don’t HAVE to draw with traditional materials, or with digital tools, per se, either. Or any specific pen. Sometimes, cheap pens are delicious to draw with!

Draw with what feels right at that moment.

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