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One Way To Become Better at Inking

The end of 2018, I set to re-inking Joseph Clement Coll illustrations, because the only ones I could find were poorly-printed, poorly scanned copies.

What I discovered, was that I learned a lot from doing this!

As I tried to get the same results he got, I found I was learning about the decisions he made along the process, and it made me a much, much better inker.

Start with an ink artist you admire, select one of their works, and re-ink it in a digital drawing application. I think you can also do this with traditional materials. Just print out the original in, say, cyan, and then try to re-ink over it.

You don't have to strictly follow the original. It is meant to be a learning exercise, but you remain in control.

Do not share the results unless it is copyright-free material in the public domain. Otherwise, you might be infringing on someone's copyright. But I found I learned a huge amount by doing this.

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