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Making Comics is About Design

I've been working on creating a comics course.

A theme started to emerge as I designed this course: the process of making comics is a sequence of design phases!

First, you design the script, then you design the pages, then you let the characters audition in your sketchbook — you design them. You design the world they inhabit. You design the style you want to use to render the pages.

It's all about design!

This is the basic mechanism behind how designers design something. Say you want to design a chair. You draw a design, you make a prototype, and you put that prototype in a space where you imagine it will be found. Does it look good there? You invite people of different sizes and body shapes to sit in the chair, to find out if it is a comfortable chair. You figure out the small adjustments you want to make, you go back to the drawing board, and then you go back to the workplace to make another prototype. And you do this until you are happy with the design.

You need to go through this exact same process to design a script, going through different prototypes, called drafts in this case. You need to go through different page designs, by making many quick thumbnails. Rinse and repeat for character designs. For world building. For developing a style. Et cetera.

You can find the course online for free here:

Comics Course

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