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Spring Cleaning!

We cleaned the house recently. No matter how big your home is, it will always fill up, until the mess becomes a hindrance.

Jessica Abel has a great book, Growing Gills, and a course, about getting into the creative process. One step is to clean your workspace. It is a part of your creative process to make sure the area where you work stays clean.

Often, you define “doing something” as doing a specific activity and not doing that particular thing as “not doing anything.”

For the longest period, I would define drawing as doing something, but then I would lose myself in programming something all day and then feeling I hadn't done anything that day, even if the programming was related to my art. Now, I define “doing something” as doing anything that pushes what I want to make ahead.

Being on social media still falls in the “not doing anything” bucket, but that is perhaps a topic for another blog post.

Now we have a clean house now again!

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