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#113 - I Can Not Draw Hands-Cars-Feet

If you think you can’t draw hands, cars, or feet, that is just a story you tell yourself. You can learn to draw them. It just requires you focusing on it, practicing, trying, figuring out what is going wrong, really paying attention, trying to fix it, and doing that repeatedly in small iterations. That is how you improve skills, how you train your brain to become better at things.

#112 - What You Feel While Drawing (3): Stoicism

Because I already know how you feel. You see all the mistakes, and you feel your drawing sucks.

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Let me see first

#111 - What You Feel While Drawing (2): Background Sounds

This article will discuss background sounds and how they can be beneficial or detrimental.

#110 - What You Feel While Drawing (1): Silence

For your next drawing, work hard to shut down the voice in your head. No words.

#109 - The Five Stages Of Skill (And What It Means For Artists)

You enthusiastically lunge off in the wrong direction.

#108 - Record Yourself

I’d go back into the drawing and fix things, take a new photo and post it.

#107 - STARE At Your Favorite Artist

Eventually, I realized that made them much better at drawing! They could see the art on the others’ boards and be challenged to do as good or better.

#106 - Book Review: The Talent Code

Reading the book was a life-changing experience for me.

#105 - Should Artists Keep Deadlines?

Creating without deadlines, just tinkering is fun! But you often don’t end up with finished pieces. You might drop something to work on something else, for example. But it’s more fun.

#104 - Draw With A Thick Pencil (First)

This helps me solve and fix problems early: get proportions and expressiveness right.

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